Monday, October 31, 2011

The WAT-AAH! Challenge

  I think a lot of kids these days do not drink enough water. I know I never did as a kid. My mother "doesn't like water" so never enforced it on us. When I got older and more health conscious I had to force myself to drink water until eventually it became part of my every day routine. Then when I had kids I made sure that they always got water to drink when they were thirsty. I reserve drinks like juice for meals only. That's not to say my three year old doesn't want juice sometimes over water, I mean he's a kid. The thing is, he will drink water which is something the kids I babysit for rarely do.
  My older kids were primarily raised in my mother's house. They were raised in a house where water was not an important priority. Trying to get them to drink water when we moved was a difficult task. Even though they are now better water drinkers they would rather down a gallon of juice a day if they could than touch a drink of water. The creators of WAT-AAH! recognize this. They know how hard it is to get some kids to drink water in the day and age where soda and juice is pushed into their faces through colorful and kid friendly advertising. They created a fun way to get kids to drink more water. WAT-AAH! Comes in several different varieties including Body, Brain, Bones, Energy and Defense.


I got to take the WAT-AAH! Back to School challenge with my kids. The WAT-AAH! challenge is basically where you put a few bottles of WAT-AAH! in the fridge along with other kid's beverages and see which drink the kids will prefer. My WAT-AAH! challenge package arrived the same week my phone broke so I did not get many pictures and the ones I did get were poor quality. I can tell you though my older children immediately wanted the WAT-AAH! asking me if they were allowed to take them to school. My little ones actually fought over the bottles and they loved the smaller bottles perfect for their cup holders and lunch boxes. That was awesome to see my kids actually wanting water and asking for more.
This is my three year old enjoying his WAT-AAH!

  Unfortunately WAT-AAH is not available in my town but it is available at one store about 20 minutes or so from me. Hopefully by spreading the word more retailers will start selling WAT-AAH! so that I can keep it well stocked in our fridge.WAT-AAH! is carried by Food Lion but unfortunately the Food Lions by me do not have it. Bummer. You can also get WAT-AAH! at Whole Foods, GNC and many other health food stores. You can check the WAT-AAH! website for a location near you. The website is full of fun facts, awesome music and adorable animations so please go check it out HERE

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