Friday, May 14, 2010

50 things about me

I borrowed this idea from, and I hope I can come up with 50!

1. I am dreading my upcoming birthday.
2. I will be turning 29, again.
3. I am a mother of 3 but will be 4 in June.
4. My kids ages are 12, 10, 2 and still waiting for #4
5. I am happily married to a wonderful man.
6. My husband and I work opposite hours to care for our kids.
7. I miss my husband.
8. I love to write, poetry mostly.
9. I love drawing just as much, if not more.
10. I haven't had much time to do either lately.
11. My husband and I had our honeymoon in Paris.
12. I won the trip to Paris in a writing contest sponsored by M&M's.
13. I love entering contests, blog or otherwise.
14. I have very little time to enter any contests.
15. I don't enjoy my job.
16. I long to stay home with my children, but can't.
17. Sometimes, I get depressed.
18. I have great faith that God will see us through.
19. I miss riding my bike.
20. I used to have craft nights with my only daughter.
21. I now work nights and feel guilty about losing that time with my family.
22. We have 1 cat, 1 turtle and are considering a teacup chihuahua in the near future.
23. We live in an apartment in VA
24. Both my husband's family and my own live in different states, far away.
25. I lived in NY for the first 27 years of my life
26. I miss my family and friends, but I like it here.
27. My least favorite chore, doing dishes.
28. I don't keep up with current events.
29. My favorite color is purple.
30. I used to have purple hair.
31. I wish I still could.
32. I feel like I have lost my identity since moving to VA.
33. I have less self confidence.
34. I miss feeling good about myself.
35. I'm tired
36. I'm sarcastic
37. I think most people nowadays are selfish and ignorant.
38. I am a very intellegent person.
39. I am usually optimistic.
40. I am the oldest of five.
41. My youngest sibling is only one year older than my oldest son.
42. I had a painful and confusing childhood.
43. I have an insanely high pain tolerance.
44. I neglect myself a lot.
45. I love coffee.
46. My metabolism sucks!
47. I can't wait to get rid of this body.
48. I actually miss dieting.
49. I forgot what it's like not to be so tired all the time.
50. I am very passionate about music