Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Max and Ruby, alone in the world

 I watch a lot of kids shows. It's just what you do when you have kids. You watch the shows, you sing the songs, you get funny looks when you realize your singing them out loud at work... Anyway, I actually like most of the shows that my boys watch. Shows like Yo Gabba Gabba, Olivia, Caillou, Team Umizoomi etc. There are a few I don't particularly like, Fresh Beat Band and Little Einsteins, but I don't hate them. Then there's Max and Ruby. While it has the cuteness factor, something about that show rubs me the wrong way.
  I don't know if everyone is familiar with Max and Ruby but it is an animated show on Nick Jr. about two rabbit siblings. The older sister, seven year old Ruby, takes care of her little brother, three year old Max. While I have seen "family photos" on the wall of the Max and Ruby home there are never any parents in the show. The only main character adult is the enabling Grandmother who does not live with them. Ruby is basically the mother while trying to be  child as well as a parent to her spoiled and bratty little brother. The only other adults in the show are Mr and Mrs Huffington, the neighbors. Who the heck is raising these kids?
  Max is always professing these one word demands at his sister and narrowing his eyes when he does not get his way. He will say this one word through the entire episode until he gets what he wants, which by the way, he always does. Whether he is shouting "Strawberries!" and hiding the egg that Ruby wants him to eat for breakfast or "mud" because he want's to play in the mud when all this poor seven year old wants to do is take a photo for their grandma. He always ends up getting his way by not listening to Ruby and since no one is there to be the parent he has no consequence. What is the moral of this show anyway?
  My son loves Max and Ruby but I just want to call the Bunny Protective Services every time I watch it. Max needs a spanking and Ruby needs to be allowed to be a child. Not to mention I think little Max needs some speech therapy because he is seriously behind verbally. For goodness sake!
  Here's a particularly annoying episode where Ruby only has just enough money to buy Max new pants but the little brat wants a dragon shirt. Well of course by not listening to his sister (who is obviously allowed to take her brother to a store alone) and get ice cream all over the shirt. Ruby is forced to use all her money to buy the shirt for this little jerk. She should be kicking his cotton tail to the moon. Sorry, this is like the worst 1980'sish bootleg video but just watch:

Perhaps the first thing your asking yourself is what kindergartener noob took this video (it wasn't me) and then I suspect you are thinking, "Where the heck are these kid's parents?!?" Exactly my point. Max and Ruby run, don't walk, to your nearest police station and get yourself some help. I know your scared but you need parental supervision! It's obvious grandma doesn't want the responsibility, perhaps she is senile, otherwise she wouldn't be pretending everything was ok.

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