Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Excited about my Fekkai Bzz Kit!

  I got my Fekkai Bzz Kit in the mail this week! I have been so excited to try these since I signed up for the campaign. I received a bottle of each of the Salon Technician Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner, a sample of each one and several samples of their Glossing Creme. I absolutely love the scent, it's light, flowery and luxurious. I wish my hair was long enough for me to sniff it! At least my husband can enjoy it.
  After using the shampoo and conditioner my hair felt baby soft! I wanted to keep running my fingers through it. When I met up with my friend for coffee she asked if I had dyed or cut my hair recently and when I went to work that same day someone asked me if I lost weight. All I did was use the Fekkai Color Technician Shampoo and Conditioner. Score! I love getting compliments for doing something so easy. I have not yet tried the Glossing Creme because the last gloss product I used left my hair looking greasy, so I got scared. I will try it though and I'll report on the results.
  I'm super excited to be a part of this Bzz Campaign and to receive free samples of the Fekkai products that I have reviewed. If you are totally jealous and want to get free products in exchange for your opinions you can go to now and sign up for free!

My little princess boy

  My three year old son announced last week that he wants to be a princess for Halloween. I reminded him that we had already gotten a dinosaur costume but it was clear that he had made up his mind about this princess thing. This is the first year he has had any opinion at all about what he could dress up as. I knew this day would come but I thought I had one more year of dressing him in whatever I thought was cutest. I am grateful he didn't pick one of this year's hottest selling $50 costumes that all the kids just HAVE to be. I don't have to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a one time wear, although he did mention wanting a magical hairbrush that could make his hair "really really long". I heard those are pricey. A princess, well, I can handle that. But can everyone else?
  At first my husband was against the idea, the natural father reaction. However, after some consideration he, unlike a lot of dads might, decided that it was ok for his son to be a princess. My daughter, believe it or not, was much harder to convince. As for anyone else, I don't care about their opinions. We have purchased a crown and long blue hair attached to a headband, and a blue gown. I have done my best to  keep others from telling him that he can not be a princess because he's a boy and have tried to show him that he can be whatever he wants no matter what anyone might say.
Letting my son be a princess for Halloween does not mean he's going to be gay or a cross dresser. It doesn't mean that won't be one of those either. It means simply, that he possesses the precious innocence of being able to be a princess or a dinosaur, Dora or Ironman, with no second guessing, no shame or fear of ridicule. He does not comprehend gender rules or boundaries and he doesn't care to fit into any mold. He is a child and I feel very protective of that innocence. I refuse to let anyone's ignorance or judgement take that away from him. My son is going to be the most beautiful princess in the world this Halloween.