Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sleep Deprivation

You really never know true sleep deprivation until you have children. Especially if you work or work at night like I do. I have never been so chronically tired in my life!
I crave sleep all the time. I envy the characters on my son's tv shows when they get to take a nap. I think to myself how good it must feel to be able to sleep whenever you want. The way men desire sex, I desire sleep. I fantasize about sleep. Yes I know that seems weird and extreme but I genuinely fantasize about sleep. I imagine myself finding time for a nap and sleeping until I'm just not exhausted anymore. I imagine fluffy pillows and cool sheets and most of all, quiet.
Even at night I never fall into a deep sleep due to co-sleeping and my youngest still nursing. It's a never ending battle with my body. I know (one day) I'll wean baby Dude but that might be in 17 years at this point. For now I'm in an intimate relationship with caffeine until my beloved sleep returns to me.

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