Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Insanity Deals!!!!

OMG No More Rack is having Insanity Deals which they are offering at Random times and days. These are deals like PS3 for $26.34, Apple iPads for $43.20, Laptops under $100 and other HOT items for 90% off! No joke. They are only available for probably seconds the way they sell out and only 30 of each item is available. People have actuually scored some of these yesterday with free shipping. It's crazy and you have to be ready to refresh the page and click your mouse like lightning. Sign up for No More Rack now so you can try to catch one of these. I want to get one so bad!

Neglecting my blog

 I'll admit it, I'm posting all my awesome deals and sales on facebook. I know people read my facebook but I don't get a lot of blog traffic. I feel the need to get the deals out to people as quickly as possible so that people can save and get fantastic deals on things for Christmas. What I should do is post on my facebook and then on my blog. I haven't done that and I feel like a neglectful blogger. I am making a commitment to post deals that I find on both. That's the plan. We will see how it goes.