Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Funny things my kids say

I am sure my older kids used to say funny witty and just plain hysterical things all the time. I used to say "I need to write these down!" But I never did. I wish I had so we could be laughing over them now. My younger two however, they will be able to hear all the silly noteworthy things they say. What's the difference, you ask? Facebook. This is the social media generation and there are no secrets to be kept or memories to be lost here.
I share all the awesome things my kids say and do on Facebook. Of course, my profile is set to private so that only my friends and family are able to see what I share. That being said, I am recording these memories and sharing them instantly, unlike when my older children were younger. I love that I can share the special and funny moments with family hundreds of miles away and we can laugh together. Facebook is good for something after all!